Date field fails to accept date validity when trying to complete with Date Required set.

Posted in General by Gary Robottom Wed Dec 12 2018 07:35:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 1,529 times

Form with date field option required is true. Date populated via fields through forms post to create new form for user. After completing the form I can not complete the form as it keeps stating Date field must be filled out. I have tried changing the date within the form to no avail..
Dec 12, 2018

Hi Gary,

Could you give us an example of what your POST looks like, and we can help you get it formatted so that the date field is filled out correctly with a valid value.

Here is an example of what a successful POST would look like:

"name":"Test Form",

Dec 12, 2018

Error chased down and fixed. two fields were present in the template but only one on the form.
This was holding up the test.

Should dig deeper before I comment

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