I am having issue getting Access Tokens

How to get Access tokens?

what is json?

Json is a type of data used for writing in java script, and it can be accessed and processed by humans and computers

How can I get list of all pdf files using APIs

When a form is submitted, pdf is getting created in GoFormz. Now, I need to get list of all PDFs using APIs to be shown in the external system. Also, when I need to download any PDF file, I would need Id of the file (using GET request). Which API will help me get this list? Thanks for your help in advance.

Python Packeg

Is there a Python packge to build APi under python? Thank you?

Date field fails to accept date validity when trying to complete with Date Required set.

Form with date field option required is true. Date populated via fields through forms post to create new form for user. After completing the form I can not complete the form as it keeps stating Date field must be filled out. I have tried changing the date within the form to no avail..

PDF Export / Download Authentication

Trying to download a PDF: https://servicereachstore.blob.core.windows.net/5e87b1b2-d276-4b7f-92fc-470d3ff9389d/filestorage/602c97a1-7776-4b18-a01e-a909012cb966 And receiving this error: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Error><Code>InvalidAuthenticationInfo</Code><Message>Authentication information is not given in the correct format. Check the value of Authorization header. RequestId:3dd249bf-901e-007e-47e4-0b0997000000 Time:2018-06-24T17:57:38.1765566Z</Message></Error> The authentication is the same as the other 5 requests to get this far. What is the solution?????

Shall i use my SOAP Service in GoFormz?

I have created some web services using my domain. Now I need to create the form using that . I need to insert the data in my Microsoft SQL table and retrieve the data and edit that in GO Form.

api use for free trial

can I access the api if i have a trail account

More info on API

I need to pull data from a specific template in Goformz. an excel file is currently being generated and delivered via email. I want to use API to get data directly from that specific template on a daily basis.

Temporary file link expiration reset

Is there a reset period for the link expiration for file downloads? I cannot seem to find documentation on whether this will reset or only a single download attempt can be made. It seems that once the dynamic temporary link has been created, it will retain the dead link indefinitely.