Currently the AutoNumber Field is read-only.

The AutoNumber Field has a property named value which is a simple number. The number value is initialized with a seed value that is specified in the Template Designer. Each new form that sets this value automatically gets the next increment of the value (i.e. value = previous value + 1).

	 "Work Order Number": {
      "value": "107032",
      "id": "5559933b-c218-4426-af97-a46c0108d3ca",
      "name": "Work Order Number",
      "type": "AutoNumber"



The id, name, and type are not necessary when creating or updating a form, they are returned in the JSON of a request for readability.

As an example, imagine a template defining an AutoNumber Field with an initial seed value of 10. When a new form is created from the template, the AutoNumber Field on the form would be automatically set to 11.