GoFormz offers users the ability to upload Data Sources to their account. Data Sources are a convenient way to import data sets related to your business/project into the GoFormz system.

The following image demonstrates the "AXIS Customer List", a Data Source uploaded to the GoFormz system. This image will be used to explain concepts further down the page.


The Database Field is configured in the Template Editor to list all of the values of the Data Source column specified. In the example below, the Database Field is configured to use the "AXIS Customer List" and list values defined in the Key column.


Configuring the Database Field on the template in this way means that the value property can be set to any value contained within the "Key" column of the Data Source.

In the example above this means the Database Field value property can be set to any one of the following values:

  • B V General Inc.
  • Beverly Healthcare
  • Birch Ptrick Convalescent
  • Casa Palmera Care Center
  • ...
 	"Customer": {
      "value": "Casa Palmera Care Center",
      "id": "d283fd84-8df4-4fbe-95d3-a479010b6faa",
      "name": "Customer",
      "type": "Database"



The id, name, and type are not necessary when creating or updating a form, they are returned in the JSON of a request for readability.