When using GoFormz, Forms are the unique instances of documents submitted to you by your Form Users. With the GoFormz API you can retrieve data from your received Forms as soon as they’re completed. You can then process the data however best suits your needs.

You have two options for retrieving your completed Form data via API: using a webhook, or with automatic polling.

Establish a webhook to send a request to your indicated web server each time a Form is completed.

To begin this process, you’d send a post request where the body indicates the web server to which you want your information posted to:


With this webhook established, a request will be sent to your indicated web server whenever a Form is completed. This request will contain the completed Form’s ID.

If you’d like to retrieve the data from all of the Form’s fields, you’ll need to create an additional web server request directed to:

https://api.goformz.com/v2/formz/{ID contained in webhook message}

Set up automatic polling

With automatic polling you can check for new Forms completed from a specified Template at a time-based interval which you define.

When you set up time-based interval polling time-based interval polling, your poll checks to see if any Forms have been completed since the last poll.