The DropDown Field stores a single value from a pre-configured list of options defined on the template.

	"Technician Name": {
    "value": "1",
    "displayValue": "Mark",
    "id": "28b3af03-6ae2-4a1c-9b01-a46c0108d3c5",
    "name": "Technician Name_0",
    "type": "DropDown"



The id, name, and type are not necessary when creating or updating a form, they are returned in the JSON of a request for readability.


The value property of the DropDown Field must be set to one of the pre-configured options of the template. This means that the value must be one of the values listed in the "Value" column for configuring Items in the Template Editor

In the image below the DropDown Field value property could only be one of the three choices specified: 1, 2, or 3.


Display Value

The displayValue property is a read-only property on the DropDown Field. The displayValue property displays the "friendly" value of the value selected.

For example, using the picture above as a reference, if the value was set to 1 the displayValue would be "Mark".