Version 2.0

The GoFormz API provides a way for anyone with a GoFormz account to programmatically access and update their data. Users have access to all data that has been entered into any form in your account. You can also retrieve values such as signatures, images, and GPS data that would not be included in a standard export.

The following list details some of the common use cases for the GoFormz API:

  • Retrieve completed or draft formz and all associated data.
  • Delete formz once the data is harvested.
  • Create form drafts with pre-populated information.
  • Download PDFs generated from formz

The GoFormz API tries hard to follow REST principles when possible. Our API groups requests by resources and uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. JSON is the standard format the API uses for all HTTP POST, PUT, and PATCH operation request bodies. Also, JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors.

API Access

Your number of available API calls per hour and day are determined by your GoFormz account type.

For Enterprise accounts, GoFormz API calls are limited to 2,000 requests per hour, and 48,000 requests per day.

Advanced accounts are limited to 50 API calls per hour, and are allocated 50 total API calls per day.

API calls for Team accounts are limited to 25 calls per hour, and 25 calls total each day.

If your calls reach your account's limit, your call will fail and a 403: Quota exceeded error will display.

Contact [email protected] if you want to upgrade your account.