The Content-Type header in the HTTP request headers should be set to application/json.

Content-Type: application/json;

If successful, the server will respond with a HTTP Status Code of 201 (Created).

Default Form Name

GoFormz form names are automatically set by rules defined during template setup.
(For more information see:

The "overrideDefaultFormName" property allows an API user to override the automatic form name functionality. This property is optional and defaults to "false".

Assigning a Form

Currently assignment via the API can only be done upon form creation. The form contains a property named “assignment”, the value of this property is an object. Formz can be assigned to either a User or a Group. When assigning a form, two properties must be set on the assignment object, type and id.

Type property permissible values:

  • User
  • Group

Id property
If the Type is a User then the Id property refers to the Id of the User Resource, If the Type is a Group, then the Id property refers to the Id of the Group Resource.

Sample Assignment:

"assignment": {
    "id": "7f4b9467-7cd1-4e06-846e-fe3f9d8b2986",
    "type": "User"